Tuesday, April 06, 2010

classroom rules: lets control the class effectively ;)

I have my own way to control my class when teaching mathematics. In my year 1 class...i choose to use a reminder to control their behavious. I just need to reminds them of what type of pupils they want to be. I just need to ask them "what do good pupils do?" And everytime they listen to my questions they will reply :Good pupils listen to their teacher" and then I reply to them by saying "Good..teacher said you must do ..." It really works to my year 1 pupils. I can observed that every time they listen to my questions, they will keep quiet and then listen to whatever I want them to do. It takes time to make them discipline but when they already use to it, I have no problem at all to give them instructions or to make them give attention to me ;)

Different for year 5 pupils, I use another way to get their attention. I use freeze frame to control their behaviour. Yeah..it sounds weird but its work and fun. I make an agreement with them that every time I said "FREEZE", everyone in the class will stop and not moving. They will listen carefully to my instructions. They will just move again after they listen I clap my hands 2 times. It so interesting to do with the pupils. I had done this way since my last practicum. I thought that I cannot use this type of classroom rules in this school but I was wrong. It works! just as same as what happened in my last practicum session. Not only I am so happy to give the instructions but the pupils are also happy to be "freeze' because they think it is just like a game.

I hope that I always be ready to face any challenges that I do not know will come in the future. But until right now, I am so thankful of where I am ;)

p/s: if u be too strict with your pupils, you actually build a boundary to them...so be careful ;)


  1. tahniah2..ak blom ckp freeze dorg dulu ckp freeze..he3..sakit ati den..he3...

  2. huhu..i tried that freeze too. same situation happened like adli, aku ckp lg diorg yg lebey2.. ati pon ada sket sakit la

  3. korang kena buat dont know je kalau diorang main2...jangan layan....buat serius yang freeze tu bukan main2...pasti berjaya punya...tak tipu...tak caya meh tengok darjah 5 aku...wakaka

  4. ha3...kalau saya la student itu, pastinye saya jugak akan freeze if my teacher say the same words...for sure kat hati dag dig dug.."apelah cikgu nak kali nih?" ha3...


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