Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Visit From Two Dr.

A few days ago, I had been visited by two Dr. from Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Ipoh. They came to collect their research data about new teacher that been posted to native people's school. It was so great for me to share some of my new experiences with them. However I still feel quite shy to share the experiences with them because its only 3 months since i be posted to SK Kampung Kenang. Not really much experiences to share compares to the former teachers. But I still take the opportunity as a positive ways for me to reflect what have I gained and learn from this school.

Actually, this is their second visit the school to interview me. I feel so glad to share about my feelings and about my findings of the pupils in the school. The interview were more on what my feelings towards the pupils, what is my reactions, and also what I observed about my pupils in this school. To be honest, I really feel comfortable with what I am facing here. Oh yeah... I also shared with them about my training in IPGMKB and UH and about ARM...haha...I hope its help them in working for their research ;) Oh..the interview session had reminds me about Dr. Kit and Anne from UH comes to visit me in my practicum session. They also do an interview with me. . :) It just the same feelings....

What was funny about the visit was that they came and observed my music class...haha....something that I did not expected because I am not a music students in college before except I do have some experiences in performing 'dikir barat'...haha... Actually, when they arrived at school that day, I just finish my year 1 mathematics class...and the class that available for them to observed was my music class. I dont know why, I just feel great to let them enter my class, observed what i was doing with the pupils and just let them taking pictures and recorded videos....hahaha.... I hope they like my music class....hahaha...yeah..i always be reminded before that primary school teacher should always be ready to teach any subject given to you although it is out from your major or minor that you take in college... :)

Since 3 months in SK Kampung Kenang, I already learn lots of great things and I hope it will stay great and exciting for me to keep walking and running on this journey of my life ;)

p/s: the rainbow picture was taken on my way back to school from home! long not to see the so great and so beautiful! Alhamdulillah....nampak jugak lagi pelangi...hehe

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