Sunday, June 14, 2020

5 tips to teach the concept of multiplication to students for the first time

Multiplying numbers without understanding the concept of mathematics can be difficult especially for students who are new to the process. Here are 5 tips for first time when teaching the concepts:

1. Introduce that idea the multiplication is friend to addition

Multiplication is the process of adding the same number over and over again, so you can ask students to understand this basic concept first. It is possible to start the activity by adding the same number over and over again so that they are confident and familiar with the number.

2. Use concrete materials to demonstrate concepts

Show the real thing. Use fruits in baskets, marbles in containers, stones in cups and so on.

3. Have students participate in multiplication activities

Engage students together to understand multiplication activities. Make some circles around the floor / field. Put the student in a circle. Students who are not involved can count or rewrite the numbers.

4. The concept of multiplying numbers can scare students If they are told to memorise the multiplication from the start of their learning

Memorizing multiplication is important for quick thinking and quick answering of mathematics problems. But for the beginner, don't force memorising yet. Let them understand. Most students can do addition but they start to be afraid when they cannot memorise.

5. Once you understand the concept, then you can proceed to memorising

Once a student has understood the concept of multiplication, you may want the student to memorise the multiplication but understand the concept first - they actually learn better.

PS: How do you learn multiplication when you were in primary school?

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