Friday, June 12, 2020

5 Tips to welcome students back to school with a new spirit after the Covid-19 lockdown

Students will be back to school soon. Other than ensuring safety and healthcare in accordance with the procedure, starting to learn again in a classroom is a major challenge for students. 

How do you want to revive the student spirit?

1. Ask students about their and their families’ welfare, "How are you?"

It's important to start by saying hello. Make sure all students are healthy and prosperous. Although it may seem easy, but to say hello and "how are you?" and “how is your family?” shows our love and care for them.

2. Ask them to share their experience of being at home, but do not force it!

Listen and provide feedback that shows interest in the student experience. Although everyone's experience can be similar, all experiences are worth listening to. But if students are not willing to share, we should not force them.

3. Reduce stress about academic and syllabus missed, focus on emotional stability

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic is beyond our control. Although the lessons may be missed as the school closed, do not stress about the lessons left behind and the upcoming exam date. Stress can invite unnecessary panic and REMEMBER, their achievement for following the SOP for social distancing is to be celebrated rather than making them worried what they have left behind academically

4. Inspirational and positive words motivate

Strong and positive words are needed at this time. Tell students as often and as much as possible, "We can!"; "Keep on trying!"; "We can do it!".

5. Focus on existing knowledge and slowly move on to new knowledge

While there are many syllabuses to be pursued, the topic is slowly being taught to students. From the moment of excitement it becomes discouraging if you surprise them with the speed of teaching. Keep things simple and take your time!

Do you have any other tips?

PS: Good luck! Everyone needs support and spirit! Keep it up!!! Keep your social distance and stay positive! Take care.

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