Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quiz and Group Work about the VLE!

A few days ago, my colleague, Azima and I handled a short class (15 to 20 minutes, circuit training based). We decided to make use of the short time to focus on an introduction to the apps available to students in the Frog VLE.

I have decided to share the activity here hoping that you will get some ideas, to change it or make it better for the use of your own class. You know what, I believe you will make it even better.

We started the class with the usual introduction. We got the students to recall their knowledge of the Frog VLE. Then, together, we went to step by step showing them how to log in to the virt
ual learning environment. Sorry that we do not have time to get the kids to do it straight away on a computer, but sometimes recalling it in a fun way can have some positive impact on the students.

Next, we showed the apps and the default arrangements. Then, we get them to memorise it in one minute. We prepared (Juin and Racheal helped with thi
s) 'Quick Launch' by using mahjong paper and make apps cards. The students, again, in one minute had to arrange the cards correctly. It was amazing to see the kids working together. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that these kids were from 3 different schools. They were having their annual event where they get together at the end of year - good example that maybe other schools can follow.

Then after we had checked their group work, we moved on to the next activity which was a quiz. The questions were quite simple. However, the way we wanted the kids to answer was very interesting. We prepared a flag with the answer: A, B, C and D. Then we read the question to them. In group, they needed to discuss the answer silently so that the other groups cannot hear each other answer. When all the groups were ready with their answer, they put up their answers at the same time. It was good activity to encourage the students to collaborate and develop teamwork. It was fun!

Great time we had!

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