Saturday, December 13, 2014

not so bad...

I know that to think about something that had not yet happened in a negative way should be avoided. It can create stress and give us big problems. So easy to know and notice about something like that but it is so difficult to stop from doing it.

I always think that things will turn out bad for me in certain incidents. Then, I started to freak out and think that there is no way out for me. I guess it is a habit. Like a bad one. But sometimes when I think properly about it, it is kinda good!

Bad when you are in the midst of thinking but good when you wake up the next day finding out that it is not as you thought it would be. Such a lot of energy to be wasted and lose then again when you know that it was not so bad, then you gain like a new energy and start moving on again.

Ahaha...I know this is quite complicated to explain. So, I believe that to think positive is a better way. I am definitely not so crazy as to suggest that you think negatively about something and then learn from it. Only certain people fit with this kind of habit! And maybe we should be proud of it and be patient about having the negative thoughts.

Patience is the key I guess. Certain things that you can't control, you cannot do anything about them. Certain things are just meant to be vague and unpredictable. So, when you start to want to figure it out, you end up disappointed!

PS: While sitting in an open area in UiTM Shah Alam - waiting for friends to find me! aha

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