Thursday, November 15, 2012

ground rules to set in schools

know that I only have about 3 years experience of teaching in a school in Malaysia. Maybe it is not apprpriate for me to give my opinion about the big issue of how schools in Malaysia can make further improvements. But after a while thinking about it and making some connections with my experience, I think I had better say something that we should all think about...the idea maybe not applicable or maybe certain schools already have done this. But better out than in :D

This idea should probably be led by the headteacher in a school. I think what we need to have in Malaysia is to set the ground rules for a few important things that we want pupils to develop in school. I mean something that all teachers, at every level, familiar with. Something that all teachers in the school agree to use and to do in their classroom.

At the moment, I think most teachers have their own ways of teaching their subjects. That is fine because every single teacher in a school must also have their own unique way of teaching that they prefer using. But still if we think about the development of pupils in learning, we need to consider having some shared ground rules.

As I am a mathematics teacher my example will come from mathematics obviously. For example, if we decided to use multiplication tables for teaching the kids, set it as a ground rule. This means that all teachers at every level will use this as the base on which to teach mathematics. Let me give you another example. Groupwork. The importance for pupils of learning in groups which means that all subjects need to have group work activities most of the time maybe can be another ground rules for certain school...

I believe that every other subject will also have its own thing that can be a base or the ground rules. Once we have this particular base or ground rules, we can share with parents what we offer in our schools. I think the objective will be much clearer to parents and every school does not necessarily need to offer the same ground worth thinking about I think?????
p/s: make it real, make it here, make it now... ;)


  1. Well said Apis ... Most Msian schools lack their own unique 'character' ... what you suggest really fit the need1

  2. I agree with you Hafiz. If only every teacher and headteacher see that way, hmmm... we wont be having 7 bands of schools in Malaysia.


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