Monday, November 12, 2012

it keeps going up and down

My mood at the moment keeps going up and down. This week was the most terrible week ever. Everything seems to go wrong. Even when I tried to do some stuff and make myself busy, at the end it kept making me feel so down! Egh...

I have found that time has passed very quickly, as quickly as the sun goes down at the end of autumn. Even though it still 24 hours, how can I accept that 4:30 in the afternoon is already like 7:30 in Malaysia! It's dark!

Now that it is already the middle of November, I need to make sure I can get rid of this problem. I really need to focus on all the assignments that are due very soon. I cannot believe that I have time to write this rather than do reading! (No jokes this time, really mad to myself...egh...)

Ready or not, here I am! So swallow it even its taste is no good!

p/s: wish for the best! :)


  1. All the best b hepi deepavali...hahaha

  2. truskn perjuangn anda..tbhkn haty..k

  3. chin up. just wait until spring and summer when the days are LONG and the nights short. It won't get dark until 10 pm then and will be light again at 4am.


Superb! ;)