Sunday, June 10, 2012

let's read a bit of LTME!

I am already in Sungai siput now. Tomorrow school will started for it's new semester. I miss my pupils and also really worry about my year 6 performance in mathematics. Not much time before UPSR, so we need to struggle a bit after this! Yeah!

OK, last week I went to the I-think seminars for 5 days. I learnt a lot in that seminar and I will try to put it into my pratice soon...InsyaAllah :). In the seminar also, we managed to do a surprised birthday celebration to Martin (the speaker for the seminar and workshop) and another teacher. I gave Life through my eyes to Martin as a birthday present.

The next morning, the first thing that Martin do was reading my book for everybody. I was so shocked because I do not think that he will read the book that quick and never know that he will share it with everybody. Here is the video that I managed to take:

Thank you Martin for doing that and I feel grateful that Life through my eyes keep giving other peoples inspirations.

p/s: ...I'm not a perfect person...I try to move towards it...

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