Thursday, June 14, 2012

we see what we want to see when we want to see

Have you ever experienced a situation where you just realised that a place that you search for and want to go is situated just near the road that you regularly use? Or, have you ever realised that there's a scratch on your car yesterday but you don't know when it happened? (don't go check your car yet! :D)

We see everything we want to see using the beautiful eyes that we have. but sometimes, we just see the surface. We always refuse to see deeper. We only go deeply when something happens or something triggers.

I think, sometimes when we have time to pay attention to what we see, we will discover much more. We will appreciate things around us much more. We will realise that a tree is not just a tree, but it is a complex living thing. The more we see and appreciate things around us, the more we teach our heart to care. The more we care the more we feel better!

p/s: I'm attending a sports course at the moment. The practical session made me remember the old times in the teaching institute with my friends! I miss those times so much!

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