Monday, June 04, 2012

1 week in KL! Just enjoying works even its holidays!

I should be hanging around in my room, doing nothing, being lazy in the school holidays this week but suddenly I got a call to go for a seminar in Kuala Lumpur. I found it a bit hard for a while to accept it as I was so looking forward to have a long holiday in my hometown, Alor Setar!

ahaha...but, after a day here, I found it is interesting. I am now a part of a new education project called I-think. At least I am learning something and involved in thinking activities. At least I am getting some good input and later can share it with others. So I appreciate the time here.

What makes me want to write tonight not because I wanted to complain on my holidays (which is a little bit of that actually...ahaha) but more into expressing a thought that I have about having an open minded in assessing other's idea especially the students.

I think the examination makes us always expecting for the right answer and "who better than who", comparing based on the answer that students give. Sometimes, accepting the answer is way beyond that. It's not just about right or wrong, it's also about celebrating the ideas that came out from individual or group. You know what, sometimes the idea that you say wrong or less prefer now maybe will be a huge idea in next ten years! Who knows?

If we want to develop a high self esteem students with creative minds and innovative attitude, please try to be more chillax and open your heart to accept other's ideas or answer or opinion. try not to condemn it but celebrate it in a good way!

p/s: Thanks to Google map, I managed to found Pearl International Hotel, KL! :D yeaaahhhh!!!


  1. laa org alor star kah??? sekampung :)

  2. la...sekampung ka? jom pi pekena kopi secawan! :D hehe


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