Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thanks for the TV experiences :)

Yeah, the TV interviews are already finished. I found it very interesting. Even though I was so nervous, but I believe it is a new experience to discover. I thought it was so hard but it not as hard as I expected it to be...haha...sorry do not mean to be 'action' here. What I mean is that it happened so quick and fast!

I got lots of responses from people after the interviews. Some responses are so positive and the story of my blog now has reached out to new audiences. last night, I got a surprised email from a person who was touched by Life through my eyes. He was a blogger, but he lost his motivation to keep blogging. But after he watched the show, he gained inspirations to write again! A huge applause to him and if you want to check out what he wrote, this is the link to his blog:

What happened last night was a good example of the impact of how the internet can inspire and change people's lives. Sometimes it is not about how many people you touched but it's about how much you touched them. I know that out there there are many sources of inspirations, but I am so happy and grateful that the story of my pupils and me in  the orang asli school is one of them.

It is school holidays now. So, happy holidays to all pupils and teachers all around Malaysia. i cannot wait to see my pupils again and listen to their feedback about the interviews. They always cheer me up with the way they show their appreciation. ;)

p/s: Thank you so much to Mdec, Text100, TV2, and ntv7 for inviting me to join the interviews and also thank you to all the supporters and viewers! ;)


Superb! ;)