Thursday, May 24, 2012

you know yourself better than anyone else!

I think one of the regular question that people like to ask me is "How did I get the idea to start to blog Life through my eyes?"

I think the best answer that I can think of is that Life through my eyes helped me to maintain my motivation. When I first posted to SK Kampung Kenang, it was a challenge for me to be there and teach in that school. I think everybody will face the same problem when you are in a new place. You will be nervous, a bit scared of what waiting for you, who you gonna meet and many others mixed feelings.

However, all this idea, feelings and what so ever will just play in your own mind which means only you know it and only you feel it! So, what I do, I try to reflect what I feel and what I think to Life through my eyes so that it fill the emptyness that I have. For example, I feel scared, so I will write down I need to be brave! see...isn't that helpful when you read it again later! wahahaha! Maybe you need to do that too :)

If you wait for other people to give you advise, it maybe take some time and also it's not easy to find someone that really gets what you need. So, be nice to yourself by give yourself positive feedback because you know yourself better than anyone else!

By the way, after I finished the interview session on TV2 yesterday and then have a briefing session with Rina and Pashmina, I went to a cinema in Mid Valley. While I was wondering what to watch, suddenly someone came to me and passed me two free tickets for French Arts and Film Festival 2012! Wooohooo...thank you to that mysterious guy!

p/s: Get ready for tomorrow! Carpe Diem!!!


  1. yeah .. its true, nobody knows better than ourself .. anyway I happened to saw you on TV today while having breakfast .. congratulation .. "enjoy and treasured the moment of present" .. tht's wht I learned from yr blogs .. do come and visit my blog ... ...


Superb! ;)