Saturday, November 05, 2011

Egh... everything is so fast now?

What??? Just 2 weeks more to go before school holidays??? Last few months I thought the time was so long but now suddenly thing changes. Suddenly, I just have few days more to go before new year of schooling start!

Next week, for the whole week I will not able to attend school. I will be in Pattaya, Thailand for the International APICTA - Wish me luck! :P - (Some sort of advertisement here...haha) Then, when I come back, I will just have 1 more week to go! It's quite fun for school holidays to come (can't tell lie about this one) but in the same time I also thinking about other stuffs...

For example, some pupils will left schools next year and start their journey in a new school with a new environment, I will also have another new journey for the third year and in the same time a new batch of year 1 will come to the school! Wah!

OK, as I always said before, let's finish the one that just around the corner first. As you know, the nearest thing for me now is the presentation for International APICTA. I am so nervous about this and I will do my best there. Let's just practice and then try as hard as I can and then let it be....

p/s: I am so nervous until I started to eat and eat and eat a lot!