Sunday, May 23, 2010

When the recess time comes...

One happy thing that I love teaching here is the recess time during the school hours. It is not about the delicious foods (actually the foods were always delicious) but it is because when the recess time comes, all the teachers will gather at the canteen and eat together.

I think not all school in Malaysia have the same situation with what happened here. The best things about gathering together is that you can hear lots of things while we busy eating. Weather the problems about the schools and the pupils up to the current issue on politics. Everything is interesting to be discuss here. I like to hear the other teachers telling jokes, we really have fun when the recess time and of course can forget for a while any problem that may arose in the classroom. So, I can say that the recess time can be a time to release some stress.

I believed that when we always gather together, it also strengthen our relationship where we are not only work professionally as teachers but also are being friends to each other ;) I hope everything here will be great and fun as always and most important we can keep sharing opinions with each others and give advices when needed.

p/s: i just love the foods here :P don't be jealous...haha

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  1. it's not similar with my school environmnet where we eat when we got free time (usually i;m not going to canteen if my Gb is in it) hihihihih


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