Monday, May 24, 2010

The implementation of ICT ;) You guys are lucky!

It was so lucky for my school pupils to have the experiences on using computers in learning. Actually, my pupils involved in computer class (basically focus on teaching English language to rural school pupils) every afternoon after the school session end. The computer class programme is specially organized by the Ministry of science and Technology and Perak Initiatives organization. They had equipped the school’s computer lab with 12 new computers.

I also a part of this project where I had been choose to be the teacher’s assistant in the class. It was so great for me to have the opportunity to involve in this project especially when I can observe the pupils’ learning experiences.

After a while being involved in the computer class in the afternoon, I realized that this computer programmes also can be used in my mathematics class especially the software that called as "sebran". It is so interesting and easy to do and suitable to the ability of my pupils.

I do implement the usage of the 'Sebran' in my mathematics class. I found that it encourages my pupils to learn and solve the simple mathematics questions. However, I still need to consider some important ways to make sure that their learning experiences become meaningful. First, I paired the lower ability pupils with the higher achiever pupils. then i instructed the pupils to make sure that both of them find the same answer before they click the answer on the computer to check weather it is correct or not. By doing this, i had encourage the high achiever pupils to help and guide the lower achiever pupils.

The other things that i put into consideration is to make sure that the pupils not only use the computer but they solve the mathematics problem manually on the book or on paper. i had make sure that before they clicked the answer, they need to try to find the answer on their own first. Not only just make a guess by clicking any answer on the computer.

I believed that these pupils were so lucky to have this great opportunity that I think not all pupils in the other school get. I really hope what they gained here can help them in the future. maybe not really helps them in pass the examination but at least can make them aware of the development of technology in this world.

p/s: just got another good news about this blog and working towards it ;)


  1. im waiting for the good news. *patiently..

  2. is the software quite same like the excel we done last year?

  3. Its not an Excel version Ain...its different...u need to come here to see it :P

  4. ain, let's go to Temiars' village and see the technology introduced by apis there.

  5. hahaha...come here ije and ain...u will get surprise!


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