Thursday, May 20, 2010


The majority of my year 1 pupils are the lower achievers. In teaching and learning session, I knew that I cannot target the pupils to achieve high learning objectives. So, this situation makes me feel uncomfortable for a while. This is because, when the examination comes, the questions will be asked according to the main stream syllabus. If the pupils in the main stream school already learn numbers until 100, my pupils still struggle to recognize number 1 to 20.

After a few months of teaching, I now found one of the best way to at least minimize this problems. I do not said this way will helps 100% but I am very sure it will helps some of this pupils especially the higher ability in my classroom. The way that I mean here is by preparing lots of DISPLAYS.

Maybe some of us will not really believed that displays can help a lot to the pupils, but for me, I am very sure that it can help me in teaching session and most of all can help my pupils to learn something new, to memorize fact and to learn to read.When you suddenly had to enter the class, you do not need to think what to teach anymore because everything is in the class already. And i always let my pupils read and spell the displays that I put in the class 10 to 15 minutes before I start the lesson. for me, the displays need to be use wisely or else it will not help the children at all.

The displays that I mean here is not the displays on the same topic that we teach at that moment but the displays that I mean here is the displays about the future topic. For example, at the moment I am teaching addition I already put the displays about 2d shapes in the class. This displays will already introduces the pupils with the new knowledge and at least they will already heard about it and will not feel awkward when they heard about it later.

I do not think this simple displays need lots of time to be done. I think that you just need to lend about 15 minutes to cut, write or colour the paper and then you already can paste it out in the classroom. Or, if you smarter, you can just do the activity with the children and then paste out their work. That will be great too.

Right now, I am still thinking about the best ways to tackle my year 5 pupils too. Yeah, I do lots of things to year 1 pupils and now, i started to do something different to year 5 too. And most important thing that I still need to remember is that not to put a high expectations on their achievements. Yeah...maybe slower or maybe they will not really get the benefits of it. What is important for me to remember is not be upset and start try and try... I will get nothing if I just complaints and complaints...better to find ways than to do complaints ;)

p/s: Thanks for the support ;)


  1. my school cannot provide many materials such as colour papers, mounting board etc. usually, i have to use my own to buy all the things. do ur school provides all the stuffs?

  2. some stuffs were provided by the school, but some stuffs I bought on my own too ;)

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