Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's do it! Carpe diem!

I am about to fly to UK in a few hours. At the moment I'm with my siblings: Sisters and brothers - spending time in KL while waiting for the flight. I felt a bit sad that my mom and dad cannot send me here... :( but never mind, their health are much more important and their prayers are much needed :)

Are you ready for another journey? Yeah, this time we are gonna experience another life in another kind of world. I'm back ad a student...and in oversea. I will try to update this blog to you and bring as much as good information that can help me and you in learning and discovering new things :)

Reflection! That is the main thing here....reflection of me as a postgraduate student, as a teacher! I am very nervous to start this journey actually but in the same time I am also excited to try and explore the new world. I believe there will be a lot of challenges and difficulties but there will be no drama without it.

Put the sadness behind... Dont worry guys (family,school, friends,pupils...and readers), you guys are always in my heart! :) Please wish me luck and keep praying for the best all the time. Thank you

p/s: my heart is crying so hard :(