Friday, September 14, 2012

Goodbye SK Kampung Kenang: Always in my heart!

It was my last day in school. So, I think before I start my car and drive back to Alor Setar, I better write something on my blog. Before that, let's listen to my pupils singing Bangun Berdiri! We recorded it this morning, as a pack for me to bring together to UK...Please pay attention listen carefully to them until finish... :)

I have a great experiences for almost 3 years teaching in SK Kampung Kenang. I learnt so much...the road was up and down, here and there but everything just make me grow mature and wise! I appreciate everything.

To all the teachers and staff in SK Kampung Kenang, thank you for everything. Thank you for accepting me there and support me through the years. We are like a family already, brother and sister, mom and dad in our own unique way.

To all my pupils, do not cry anymore after this... I hope they will make my leaving as a stepping stone to move forward and inspire them to dream big! You guys will always in my heart and mind all the time. It is so hard to let go, but we need to do what we need to do...

Remembering the first day I was in the school make me realized how much I have grow and learnt. If you follow my blof from the beginning, you will notice a lot of changes and maturity in everything I do. I learn so much from this experiences. I learnt a lot from my pupils...

Goodbye SK Kampung Kenang! Goodbye all my Temiar pupils! Take care and wish you guys all the best all the time!

So, before I end this entry, this is Bangun Berdiri my version...haha...thanks everyone :)

p/s: I will miss you all! Miss everything! Miss all of it!


  1. All the best in your study. see you in UK :)

    1. Thanks...ok, see u in uk or Copenhagen! :D

  2. congrates first of all.. thanx for giving a great talk.. it inspires me lots.. all the best n best of luck for master studies.. :) pray for me too cikgu..huuu :)