Saturday, September 22, 2012

My arrival!

It has been three days now i'm in the UK. Obviously so many things are different, and luckily I have been here a few times before so some of it are not so new to me...hahah... However, I still struggling to suit myself with the weather and food! :D

I arrived in Schipol airport, Amsterdam early in the morning before I need to change to another flight to go to Heathrow Airport, London. With a blur mind in the morning, I'm quite happy that there were no problems for me to find the correct gate to the plane!

Right after I arrived in Heathrow, I'm so happy to know that my luggages were safe! And after finished the checking, I went out and there were Dr. Kit and Dr. Lynn waiting for me with smiles :D yeah! Now, I felt much safer! hahaha....familiar faces :D

Ihave spent a few days in Cardiff visiting some people that I met in my last visit to UK. Tomorrow I will be heading to Newcastle. Everybody that I met keep telling me that Newcastle gonna be much colder than Cardiff! Be ready! huhu...Let see what happen...I have a year to spent my life over there. Oh Newcastle, better be nice to me! :D
By the way, before I end this entry, If you guys have any questions or wanted to discuss anything about teaching, problem in practicum or finding a suitable activitie in teaching, or whatever uitable or relevant to ask, you can always email me here: Let me see it through my eyes.... :)

p/s: A long journey from Carddiff to Newcastle....something like driving from Johor back to Kedah!


Superb! ;)