Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Newcastle...

I am about to go to Induction week this morning. I think it's an introduction of my course. I'm quite excited to go and see what will happen but mostly I am very nervous. Even last night I cannot really sleep. My mind keep thinking on some issues like whether I will be able to handle and how to handle myself meeting ne people. Egh...just go lah! :D

I arrived in Newcastle at about 4p.m on Saturday. After a long drive, 8 hours (drive-stop-coffee-drive-repeat the same for 5 times) haha... we arrived safely. Lucky me that Dr. Kit offered to drive me here. It really bring back my memory when doing my degree before. Even though this time it's not my family who drive me, but I consider Dr. Kit as a family too - My family in UK. Everyone I met in Cardiff told me that Newcastle will be colder than Cardiff. They started to gave some sweater, jumper, hat, gloves and more things to me.Thank you!

Yesterday, I managed to meet some new friends from Malaysia. After finished register and get my student ID, I followed them to go to the beach called Tynemouth! What a nice place....but it was very cold especially when the wind blows...but we have such a nice time there! Great introduction!

OK...time to go...let see what happen...

p/s: Go Maggi Go! :D


  1. nice view..wahhh..i want to go there...all the best Bro Apis..update stories when u have free time..

    1. Yep! Very nice views... Come lah! ;) gonna be a bit busy but will try to update regularly :)

  2. Selamat ....... kami sentiasa nantikan news from new castle

  3. waaaaa.... best!! I want to go also... huh.. hehe... BIG dream... Long way to go... Take care there ^^


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