Sunday, August 09, 2020

5 Tips for teachers to STAY ENERGETIC at school despite being as BUSY AS A BEE!

The tight teaching schedule and additional activities at school make teachers tired and less energetic especially on the days when the teaching schedule means back to back classes. It's really hard to gather energy.

This time, here are 5 Tips for teachers to STAY ENERGETIC despite being as BUSY AS BEE for teacher!:

1. Eat

EAT either breakfast or lunch. No matter how busy the teacher is, EATING should not be forgotten. If you do not EAT, how can there be energy for the class later? There are days when the teaching schedule is tight, you need to plan your EAT time! Imagine if you do not have time to eat your breakfast, then the class continues until break time and then break time suddenly there is ad hoc work, when is the time to for you to EAT? So do not forget to EAT.

2. Choose nutritious foods

When you eat, choose foods that are nutritious and balanced in the content of carbohydrates, protein and so on. Eat vegetables and fruits to stay energized.

3. Drink water

This is another important point that teachers sometimes forget. Don’t forget to drink water instead of iced lemon tea or iced milo full of sugar. Especially when tired, these sweet drinks are very tempting. If students can bring a bottle of water to class, the teacher can also do the same to stay HYDRATED.

4. Exercise at least 3 times a week

Do not forget to exercise to get a healthy and energetic body. Even if you are tired after teaching, try to find time to exercise for a while. Or, during teaching time, include physical activities while teaching maths or language. By doing this, you can achieve your teaching objectives and your exercise activities!

5. Plan a variety of classroom activities

To make sure the teacher has time to 'breathe' and take a break while teaching, diversify activities in the classroom. You do not have to keep talking or moving from the beginning to the end of the class. You can save energy for another class by having discussion activities between students, group activities or give short exercises.

PS: take a lot of deep breath please!

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