Thursday, July 30, 2020

5 Tips to control anger and to avoid becoming FIERCE LIKE A LION in the classroom because of students' behaviour

Sometimes the personality of a teacher in the classroom is not the same as outside of the classroom. A teacher who is sweet, beautiful or handsome and gentle can suddenly turn fierce like a LION in the classroom if something is triggered by the students' behavior. There are many behaviours that can trigger a teacher's anger, for example students playing around while the teacher is teaching, not paying attention during a lecture, not getting involved in the activity provided and not doing the exercises given.

Teachers - you can be angry and fierce, but let it be in the right way and deal it with the best way possible.

Here are 5 Tips to control anger and to avoid becoming fierce like a lion in the classroom because of students' behaviour:

1. Imagine the situation in the classroom when planning a lesson.

As we plan what to do in class, we can also imagine what might happen in class. Who can make us angry? What can make us angry? What is going to happen in the class when I do this activity? When we have imagined, we can be ready to face the situation if it really happens. We can start to figure out the way out of the problem beforehand.

2. Personal problems, try to keep them outside of the classroom.

When you are entering the classroom, all personal problems should be kept outside of the classroom. Only bring your colourful cheerful teacher personality in and let go of all the worries and problems unrelated to the teaching and learning. Family problems, love problems, let them all go before entering. Focus on teaching and learning in the classroom. It's easy to say, but even if it's difficult, you still have to be a professional.

3. Do not be easily hurt or easily offended.

This tip is easy to write but not easy to do. Once our heart is scratched, no one can control the reaction. However, when entering the classroom we have to take it lightly on small matters so that we can be less easily offended. Maybe you just have to forgive the little things and as usual, just focus on students' learning.

4. Do not make everyone bear the consequences when only one student triggers the anger.

In the classroom, there must be students who will make us feel hurt and angry. Give kind advice. Act towards the right person and do not let the innocents be punished for no reasons. One bad apple spoils the lot. 

5. Take a deep breath and rationalise!

This is the easiest thing to do. If you feel angry, take a deep breath and calm down. Rationalise by asking Is it worth the energy to get angry? Or is there another way? May the anger will subside when you breathe deeply!

ps: Anger is a normal human being feeling, but it can be controlled!

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