Monday, February 25, 2019

Dealing with data management and precision

As a person who likes to plan and look at things in the bigger picture, I have found managing data to be quite hard work. Especially when the data comes in various forms and in volume.

However, I have found that one needs to be patient and focussed to make sure you can be precise and correct. To check the data one by one; to revisit the same data; to make sure that the data remains same between what you receive and what you key in; all of these are a new set of skills that I am trying to build in my CV!

I feel that elaboration, presentation and social skills suit me better. Not to say that I do not need to improve them but I think I have been using them frequently and have sharpened these skills. On occasions I have been frustrated when I have made some mistakes when managing the vast amount of data but this will not stop me from trying harder. I guess, the motto now is: practice make perfect! Aha! 

Anyway, somehow it teaches me patience; being slow and steady is better than rushing and making simple mistakes. It teaches me to always remember to check and that human error can be avoided! To use the phrase “we are just human beings - we all make mistakes sometimes” does not always work (sure,  it can work at on the rare on occasion - just don't overuse it!).

I’m on my flight back to KL now while reflecting on this topic. I am thinking about it as tomorrow I will be back managing the data of schools in Malaysia and hopefully I can be as focussed and precise as I can.  😆

PS: Recharged after hometown visit expecially saw my mom and dad

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