Saturday, February 23, 2019

time for an update: easy to work in a team?

I think now is the right time for me to write a bit after a period of ignoring my hobby of reflecting in this blog. I usually find time to think about what to write and then just write. However, recently, I have thought about what write, but then delayed and forgot what to write.

Anyway, my writing today is pertaining to the topic of motivating team mates. I think when working in a big group it is not easy for everyone to have the same motivation and impact towards the goal. Especially when in a team, the work for each member will be different requiring a different set of skills; shared understanding is quite hard to get.

I think the assumption that my work is heavier than that of others, or my work is better than the others’ or that judging feeling when we see something lacking in other people in the team should all be avoided. Not just avoided but eliminated straight away to prevent even a tiny bit of such thinking.

I think such negative assumptions will only cause more headaches. I think when we are working in a team, we need to understand always that we are working for the same goal. Instead of judging other people’s work, maybe it's time for us to understand what is really happening there and try to help and find solutions together. The work load, and the set of skills needed might be different from what we are doing and vice versa.

Let's just take an example of a car. If you are a tyre, then your work is to make sure that you are round, not slippery and ready to spin. Whilst if you are the steering, your work is to make sure you can turn the car left and right and make a u-turn. If you turn to the right but the tyre moves to the left, what you need to do is check what can be fixed! 

Working in a big group of people is not easy, I guess. We must just try our best to understand what we can do and stay patient and strong!

PS: Are you excited for Book 3?

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