Monday, December 11, 2017

job will never end

At least in my mind the job will never end. There will always something you need to do and to plan even though it is during your weekends. There will always be something that comes to my mind and reminds me that I need to do something in the office soon!

Sometimes it gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush and I just jump on my laptop and start typing a letter. Sometimes I just quickly send a text message to my staff to remind us of some item that we need to discuss. That is just how my mind works I guess. I just need to keep up with it.

I remember back when I used to teach kids in the orang asli school, it was the same. However, it was always the creative side of my brain that kept working hard. My mind was always wondering how and what is next to teach to the kids. How would my class be different next week? What else I can do to teach them? How to connect the things around me with my students? There was always be something that made my mind wonder. I was eating a slice of bread, then the bread became my pedagogical tool to teach division; I was folding a letter, then A4 paper became my teaching tool to teach shapes; I was walking around the village and kicking stones, then stones became counters in my class. As a result, it turned into and exciting and interesting class.

I found that it happens the same way here but the problem is I am not sure if people can accept the way I work and think. Sometimes it's too fast for certain people. I guess so. Anyway, I am still trying to figure things out to be creative and innovative in the world of assets and procurement! (laughing)

PS: just a lazy and cozy Sunday!

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