Wednesday, December 06, 2017

After every storm, there is a rainbow


I always neglected how meaningful and powerful this quote is. I guess it is just normal for us not to look at the positive side of something happening in front of us. We tend to look at the problem more than the solution. We tend to focus on the difficulties rather than the result. Just as the real storm, it's hard and dangerous to go through the storm either u walk, run or drive. We might find a shelter and wait until the storm stops. Then suddenly the colourful rainbow appears, everything that has been bothering us is gone and wiped away. Appreciate.

It has been six months since I started to work in Perlis Education Department. i really feel comfortable to work in the area of education and find it is the right place for me at the moment to build my experience on the things that I am familiar with and see how this will change and extrapolate my knowledge and skills.

So much stress to keep up, so much energy to push out with so much travelling and overwhelming knowledge to absorb. Yet, I am still standing here, trying my best to hold everything up and I really appreciate the experience that I have now.

PS: the struggle is real

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