Friday, December 01, 2017

Malacca for a week

I do not really have time to think about writing at the minute as there is so much work to be done in the office now - end of year. However, because I am travelling at the moment, I can only do work on the phone and through emails when necessary.

Last week I went to a big event in Malacca. My task was to observe the liaison officer and the event itself as Perlis will be the host for the same event next year. I was in Malacca for almost a week and managed to observe from the day before the participants of the event registered.

It was quite amazing to be able to learn afar throughout this complicated event which involved many small activities such as sports event, youth event, talks and seminars and gala dinner. We asked some of the officers in charge for information and knowledge about how they do it but we tries to avoid disturbing their time too much. We took their contact details instead for future reference.

It was well organised as we can learn a lot from them especially on the registration day. They organised the registration smoothly like the welcoming, transportation, accommodation and others. I was able to witness how the liaison officers did their job from the beginning to the end. I managed to interview some of them to gain better understanding.

I think that the opportunity to learn was very interesting but also quite challenging physically as I think I was standing up and walking here and there the whole time and trying to be ahead of them to witness the event from the beginning. The experience was positive for my own learning and hopefully will be useful in the future.

PS: I am tired!

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