Sunday, October 23, 2016

The weekend I have been waiting for

This is a weekend update. The weekend that I have been waiting for... The weekend that I can just lay down and be lazy...haha... There are some assignments that I need to do and worry about but let them just be there somewhere in my mind for a while.

I am in the middle of the new module now - Government Administration and Public Policy Management. This module, I think is fact based and formal. I find it is a bit hard to absorb the facts and remember everything.Plus, the assignment that we need to do are difficult and lengthy - 3 assignments of writing and presentation.

Anyway, at least I am happy that I passed the previous module and got quite good results for the first 2 modules. Such a relief. Now, I just need to focus and make sure for this module, I will pass as well. 

Leadership - another important word that we need to learn and experience while being here. I thought that my aim to just be simple and easy for this 10 months, will run smoothly. But it seems like somehow everyone here will go on the cycle of experiencing leadership. Whether on a big scale a big, like leading a group of people or on a small scale leading just a number of people during the class. All of this involves leadership. I used to worry a lot when this happened. Mostly, I worried about being the person to be judged. You know, when you become the leader, you are open up to judgement by the people - positively or negatively. And to be honest, you just need to gp for it. It is a process of learning. Hopefully I will be able to look at it as a bigger picture and through the view of a bird flying high in the sky...haha easier to say than to do. 

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and well!

PS: I miss the past but I look forward to the future!

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