Tuesday, August 09, 2016

the academic weeks: the start

Today is the start of the academic weeks as a student in INTAN. We were divided into 6 groups and each of the groups were given the academic timetable for 10 months. Our first module for group 6 is Public Economic Management.

Economic subject is not new to me but I have never really studied formally as I remembered. I mean, economics, somehow you learn once you understand it is about buying and selling...aha...simple way to explain I guess. When I did my masters in Newcastle University, we looked at the economic background of poor countries and made comparison with rich countries. We looked more towards the education sector of the countries at that time.

In the class today, we discussed the introduction of the economics subject. The discussion went through the topic of scarcity, demand and supply. I think the introduction was quite okay to understand for now. I found that the most interesting topics were about the demand curve and the supply curve. We were able to demonstrate our understanding by drawing the curve on paper. I also think that this topic is quite interesting as it relates a lot to real life experience. More on logical thinking and making relationships between prior knowledge and formal knowledge.

I look forward for more information and hopefully I will be able to absorb and learn from my lecturers and friends as well.

PS: Reading, reading and reading the academic writing!

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