Tuesday, August 16, 2016

...fun run...

I always try my hardest take care of people's feeling. People around me. If I could, I wish I could make everyone happy. However, I know I cannot do that and sometimes I will break people's hearts. I will make them sad. I will get people upset because of my behaviour and attitude.

Sometimes I hope that I can take care of what I feel so that even if people do something that hurts me, I will be able to see the reasons to not make it personal. I will always try to find a way to understand the situation and then get back to the place where I was before with that person.

I forget that the way I think will not be the same as other people's thinking. It is not a bad things but sometimes I just need to remember that I need to do what I need to do and not to hope for anything.

Enough on that matter. Last Sunday on 14th August 2015, my friends and I at INTAN were invited to join a fun run for 5 km at Putrajaya - National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) Run and Ride. We started the journey from INTAN to Putrajaya at about 4:30 a.m in the morning as there are 384 of us. We were trying to avoid the traffic jam and make sure that we will be there on time.

There were more than 2000 participants. The run was not that bad for me. I kind of enjoyed myself running with friends and making sure that I arrived at the finish line. Plus, we do a lot of physical training these days. INTAN is located a bit on the hills and that makes us walk a lot to the class, hostel and cafe!

 I think we will get more invitations to join activities with the government sector. Let's enjoy it!

PS: Drink more water!

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