Saturday, August 06, 2016

and then it's all started...

It has been 2 weeks since the day I registered to become a student in INTAN under the programme of post-graduate diploma for Public Administration (DPA). I decided to travel on my own this time as I had just arrived from the UK 3 days before the registration day. I felt that it will exhaust my mom and dad to travel from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur, plus I made an arrangement with Rohaizat, my best friend who lives nearby the Institute - Seri Kembangan.

The first week went very fast. We were busy. Busy with activities. Busy knowing new people. Busy working with one another. A lot happened during that week. I have a new roommate now. Staying with Hisham in a fancy hostel room with air-conditioner, fridge and water heater. (aha..I mean a hostel with this kind of facilities - who wouldn't be happy, right?)

On the second day, we went for a camp called Group Integration in Sepang. We were divided into smaller group of around 32 students. I realy enjoyed the camp. It was exhausting but what would you expect from going for a camp right? The activities provided were based on getting us to work together in a group of 32 people. We did activities like explore race, obstacles challenge and creative activities. The activities brought us together to work together as a team by motivating each other, thinking strategically and discussing and evaluating ideas. I am glad that the students in this camp (we) are positive and energetic as everyone will give their maximum effort to fulfill the requirements. (plus i had a good laugh :D)

During the second week, the activities focused on the whole group of 384 students. The first two days, there was an election to choose students representatives. I was trying to become a member of the election body - to help organising the election. But I was a bit slow as the choice was given to people who ran quickly to the stage. I wish they had done a draw for example putting interedted peoples' name in a box and draw the name as there were quite a number of students interested to join the body. It's fine though as now I am more observant and learn from what I see. Congratulations to all student representatives! Yay!

The classes started the next day up to Friday. The focus is more on the introduction to the job scope of a PTD. It was relly interesting to hear real life experiences from the senior officers. As a PTD job scope is huge and general, the experiences that the guest speakers shared were so valuable. Their experience can be useful for us as the next generation of the PTD.

I think that it is too early for me to feel settled in the surroundings. There is still a lot more to learn absorb and observe. There are more chances and possibilities to come and to care diem!

Let's hope for the best all of the time and wish that things will always be good! by the way, great to meet some very nice friends here.

PS: Staying in the hostel during weekend is quite cool! (while crying haha)

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