Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Raya 2016: Raya with Alpaca!

OK, Raya celebration is almost over. I had better write something here before it's too late...aha... This year I had such a memorable Raya experience.

It's not as easy as when you were young. When you were just a little kid, Raya brings so much joy to you. When you became an adult, the understanding of Raya is different and changes over time. This year I had so much fun!

Raya Part 1: Kampung Gunung Sali

As this time around, I ended my teaching profession a month earlier, I had a chance to be back in my hometown earlier. It's been a while since I had this kind of opportunity. To be home early, free from the busyness of the traffic. Being home this year, I had chances to be around my family and it was so much fun. I guess it was also because I know I am about to jump into a new beginning.

On the first day of Raya, all of my siblings were there except my eldest sister as she celebrated her first week of Raya at her in laws. My mom and dad looked really happy and beautiful. I believe that in their eyes, they couldn't believe that all of their children now have grown up and become adult! Even my youngest sister is now in university! Time flies!

Raya Part 2: Merthyr Tydfil

On the 5th day of Raya, I flew to the UK. Firstly to make sure that I finished my research with UH but mainly to visit my Welsh family there. Yeah, before I will be busy with the next journey, I should just take this chance that I have to visit them.

It was amazing to be back to the UK, to see Dr. Kit, Uncle Alan, Auntie Susan, Suzanne, Neil, Cole and Isla. I had so much fun being there. I even had a chance to go and see and walk with the amazing animal - ALPACA! Interesting creature ever! :)

Raya 2016 was filled with so many memories. I have more things to write about but too little time. This is my best trial to update the blog!

PS: When you feel sad and unhappy, remember Alpaca!

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