Monday, February 01, 2016

The BOE Experience

Yesterday (Saturday) was my final day to finish up my semester as a lecturer. Tomorrow will be the next step of my career. I am looking forward to the next challenges. I am not sure how and what will come my way, but I am getting quite curious to see what will happen.

My first Board of Examination (BOE), was quite nerve racking. It was actually okay but because it was my first experience I was a bit nervous about what would happen. In the BOE, we as lecturers need to present and discuss the result of our students. It is the formal process to wrap up the semester by going through and verifying the marks given to the students.

There we discussed the issues that had risen, for example absent students in final exam, carry marks and border line marks. Some decisions needed to me made and some explanations and justifications were required to ensure fair play. The reasoning part was a bit hard I guess. I mean you needed to be prepared and have solid reasons for the issues involving your students in the Main Campus or in the Regional Centres.

Looking at some of my colleagues, they seemed very experienced in this matter and the BOE looked fine for them...aha... As per usual, there will always something to make me nervous, even though I knew I had followed the procedures exactly, kept accurate records and taught the students with quality teaching and learning.

Yay for the first experience! Yay for the first semester experience! Yay for finishing the work! Yay! Yay! Yay!

PS: It doesn't mean that just because you can speak loudly that your ideas are better than the quiet ones you know... :D

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