Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Am I not trying hard enough or am I trying too hard? Am I being hard on myself or am I not being hard on myself? Have you ever thought about this?

Sometime when I want something that I really really want, I do not get it. But then when something comes along that I did not put any thought on suddenly it becomes mine. Have you experienced this?

Then you keep looking at the things that you did not get and your feelings of appreciation towards the things that you received start to fade.

Is it okay to feel that way> Or is it wrong to feel that? Is it okay to keep looking for something that you want and forgetting about the thing that you already have?

Is it greed? Or is it materialistic? Or is it just human nature? Are we always look for something more, bigger and new? Will our needs ever be satisfied?

Something to ponder I guess. No right or wrong as per usual. Life is life. It comes to you when you least expected.... If you know what I mean... :)

PS: How is 2016 treats you so far? Quite a good start for me...let's see!

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