Friday, February 12, 2016

4 seasons in the university!

So next week will be another beginning for a new semester. A new quest I guess. Interestingly teaching in a higher education institution is like living in a 4 seasons country.

Preparation Season (Spring) - I relate this time with the spring season because during this time, plants sprout and start to grow. It is the university preparation season, as lecturers start to prepare for the new semester. Preparation of the filing system, assessments for students, online management system and so on. Students start to come for registration. You can see some of them starting to fill up the university space. The university starts to grow and get busy again.

Teaching and Learning Season (Summer) - Then when the teaching and learning starts, it is the busiest season. Similar to Summer I think. During the summer time, everybody comes out to enjoy the sun. Plants bloom and grow. Lecturers start to teach and are busy with their schedule. Students are busy with their classes, assignments, group work, presentation and reading. You can see them everywhere in the university. In the class, the cafe, the library, the lift and the toilets! ahaha

Examination Season (Autumn) - Then, the study week and examination weeks come. It starts to slow down again. The environment starts to be less busy. You see students coming in groups according to their exam schedule. Lecturers also start to become less busy with teaching and learning and are getting ready to receive bundles of answer scripts to mark. At this time, plants mature and some of them start to die off or at least turn yellow in colour.

Marking Season (Winter) - And then the winter comes and it is quiet and almost silent in the university. You hardly see any students in the compund. Only lecturers staying in the room focusing on the marking and later on confirming the marks given to the students. during winter time, the plants are resting and some plants have died.

Okay, those are 4 seasons in the university. To compare with school, it was hard to see the cycle, as during the school breaks teachers are not compulsory to be in school. while in the university, the semester breaks does not mean that you do not come to work! aha... 

PS: I miss the cold during winter time

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