Thursday, March 31, 2016

Birthday Update :D

It's been a while since I have been neglecting my blog. Not because I am too busy to write but because I found that writing is unnecessary for a while - mental block I guess.

Today I feel like it is better for me to do some updates. Yesterday was birthday! Yay!

New year, new age, new achievements I hope to gain and achieve this year. You never know what you will encounter and life goes on! Keep it up Hafiz - say me to myself...haha...

Yesterday was awesome, I got a phone call from my dad and mom from Alor Setar wishing me Happy Birthday and also messages from my siblings, Thanks for your thoughts.

Then I would like to share a bit of an email extract from Dr. Kit Thomas on my birt5hday:

Dear Hafiz,

...I cannot remember very clearly life without you. I think I was just waiting for you to come along. Destiny sent me to Malaysia and allowed us to meet and become part of one another's lives. You are son to me in so many ways. Ways beyond genetics. I tell everyone I meet, all about you... You have brought immeasurable joy into my life. I look forward to hearing from you every day. The messages. The photos. The emails. The calls. The stories. They mean so much and light up my days. I am proud of you in ways that words cannot captured. Not just proud about what you have achieved but prod of who you are and how you live your life. You are the best person I know. Good. Honest. kind. but also intelligent, wise, knowing. You have taken all the gifts you have been given and you try to make the best of everything. Carpe diem!...

Dr. Kit

Thanks for your kind words Dr. Kit. It is such an honour for me to have you as a part of my life as well!

Anyway, in the university, my colleagues and students surprised me with a birthday cake...haha...It was great and awesome. Thank you everyone. Thanks to Farah for being so cool and nice to plan the event with the students. Awesome ever!

PS: old inside, young outside or young inside, old outside? haha


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