Monday, November 23, 2015


This week I used the game BINGO to play with my students. After discussing exams and their experience of taking them throughout the years, in primary to secondary school, I decided to create a learning experience using the BINGO game. Do you know how to play BINGO?

So normally we play BINGO using number from 1 to 25. We then fill the numbers inside a 5x5 table. After that, we take turns to choose a number and highlight them. We get a point once we manage to highlight 5 numbers ina row, column or diagonal line in the table. Once we get 5 highlighted rows, column or line then we will shout BINGO and win!

We changed the game a little bit in the class. We used the 5x5 table and filled it with 25 exams that we have taken or exam tools that we have experienced. I also played the game with the students. The decision of what exams to put in the table needed to be done individually to make the game interesting. You might write down exams that are not written on your friend's table. You know what we found? We took a lot of exams and assessments throughout our schooling time. Definitely more than 25! It was a bit hard in the beginning but later on we found out that we have taken so many exams.

After everyone was ready with their table, we started to play EXAMINATION BINGO! It was fun to do. The most interesting part was when your friend said some exams that you forgot to write down. It brought back memories. Or, sometimes some of your friends said an exam that you have never heard of before. They needed to explain it before we could accept it. It was good fun to do with the class.

You should try it out with your students too!

PS: no matter what, keep moving other choice anyway....haha

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