Friday, November 27, 2015

The washing line in Curriculum Development Classroom

In the Curriculum Development class today, we discussed the topic of curriculum workers. The discussion about the role of leaders in schools and education departments, teachers and role of students. We tried to relate the experiences that we have had during our schooling time. I provided guidance for my students to try to bring them to the point where they can reflect specifically on their learning experiences in classroom and on their experiences of school culture. This activity made them aware that they have been involved in education so much that sometimes they forget.

After a certain amount of lecturing and discussing the topic, I then led my students to think about effective leaders in schools. An effective leader in school can bring the school to the next level by developing the curriculum given to them as well as innovating the curriculum to meet the needs of the students.

What I did with them was to give the 7 traits of an effective curriculum leader as below:


Then I gave the students a task. They needed to discuss and arrange the traits according to the most important to the least important. Instead of doing it by writing on paper, or on the white board, I asked them to used a washing line. I prepared the rope and clips so that they could hang and arrange their opinion easily, visually and kinaesthetically.

Using this method made it easy for them to change and rearrange the traits. After the first round of discussion, they were allowed to change the arrangement and at the end come out with top 3 traits. It was enjoyable experience for me to see them working together and for them too I hope!

PS: Our glass classroom made us feel like we were inside an aquarium; ready for people to come and see.

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