Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You find your happiness in different ways

Sometimes you might be thinking about the way you do things and the way that things happen to you. The decisions that you made or the decisions you did not make. Will they give you happiness? Or will they bring you sadness?

Guess what? Always remember that you will find your way soon. In different ways from other people. Happiness is so subjective so no one knows what makes other people happy. You might be happy about something but someone might be sad because of the same thing.

The problem is when the community sometimes forgets this. People expect that happiness of individual relies on the same matters. Let say, if one person is happy to start a business, then do other people need to start a business too? If a person is happy to be in love, the other person needs to be in love to be happy as well? If a couple is happy to buy a new house, the other couple needs to buy a house too?

It might be right at some point that we need what we need in life, but it is not necessarily to be at the same time. take your time and don't let others decide for you. You should know what is better for you and focus on that. I know it sounds easy but it is not easy at all. Pressure from the people around you can become a headache.

Okay, I'm not sure what else to write because sometimes I also have the same pressure. When I decided to do something else and it did not fit the community, it started to feel difficult. As much as I can focus on my aims and objectives, I try my best! Luckily I have family and friends who always support my decisions! Fuhhhh...

PS: Still enjoying ketupat and biskut semperit!

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