Friday, July 31, 2015

Photo albums

Last Raya holiday, when I was home and enjoying time with family, I had a chance to flip through the old photo albums. I was busy making some Raya cookies (believe it or not) at that time when suddenly I opened a cabinet and found the albums. Luckily for us because my eldest sister likes to collect photos and has keep them in nice albums. So the photos are in well condition.

Flipping through the album with my sisters and brothers and my mom and my dad, we were laughing and joking a lot. Looking at how beautiful my mom was when she was young (she is still insanely beautiful now) and my dad with his handsome smile and long hair, made us appreciate so much what we have.

Growing up in a simple family background, my dad was a lorry driver and my mom worked for a while in a 'kuah rojak' factory. I remember those days very well. I remember my mom and dad picking me up from the hostel with a lorry. Have you had that experience? aha... I also remember growing up with 6 siblings. We were a loud and noisy family. Yeah, we are a big family. Fighting and quarreling with each other is a main part of siblings happiness! ahaha...but also we play along sometime...aha...

Now, to see that everyone survived the childhood phase and has started to stand on their own feet, I'm so proud of my parents. As much as we live in a simple life, in a small house next to a big wood factory, it is amazing that we all survived and always stick together through hard and good time.

Love our family okay. They are the one that at the end will always be there for us! Don't forget to sometimes flip through your own family album too okay :)

PS: and I'm glad I have my Welsh family too!

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