Friday, June 19, 2015

Forced to reflect?

Have you ever forced yourself to do something until it becomes a habit?

When I was in my teacher training back in 2006-2009, my lecturers introduced us to keeping a reflective journal. We needed to write down our thoughts and opinions about what we had learnt on that particular day. Write about the most significant thing that you learnt. We needed to do it almost daily!

I think it was hard in the beginning. It was a new way to express ourselves. And to be honest, our culture is not much about expressing our thoughts and feelings right? I mean not all the time... Okay, I hope my statement did not offend anyone...ahaha... I'm trying to relate with my own experience. I think especially when it comes to feelings, we most of the time just let it happen instead of saying it out and letting people know what we feel and what is inside our mind. We prefer to let the other people to understand what we feel and hope they get it as well. We most of the time only express it physically and not verbally. For example, when we want to say goodbye tou our good friend, we might show the expression of sadness but we sometimes refuse to say things like we love them, we care for them and so on... Am I right? I hope I give a good example here...ahah...and also hope that you can relate...

back to the reflective journal. After a while doing it because we were asked to do it, it then started to become a habit until I found the usefulness of having a blog and reflection. I love doing it now. My mind always wants to reflect after certain situations that happened to me or in my surroundings. trying to learn from it or at least to consider what else can e done to make things better. I think I became a reflective practitioner myself and would love to explore this more specifically with other educators. Will reflection be helpful for them too? maybe a yes to some and maybe a no to the others. You never know until you try!

What say you?

PS: Wow! Another Ramadhan = another fasting month, Happy fasting to all muslims all around the world!

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