Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things not working out?

Things not working out?

Does this question sometimes play on your mind? Like when sometimes you think and plan something and things started to fall apart. You started to question whether there will be a light at the end or will things be ruined? You want to control things around you as much as you can but you know what? Things seem to be out of control...

Will this make you stand strong or will it melt you away? Will it make you stand tall or will you cry a river?

I'm actually not sure how to respond to this question myself. i always try to be strong as much as I think I can. Sometimes I manage to look strong from the outside but am so vulnerable on the inside. It's like a wave of tsunami inside me that is ready to destroy everything on the shore...

mak bagi tapau untuk sahur :)
But  then I guess different people just deal with their problems in different ways. Some people find solution just a second away from the problem and some find it only after searching it through the mountains and jungles! I believe that things might not work out sometimes they way that we want. However, there will be other things, other ways that will come along to help us deal with the situation, as long as we keep searching for it. You know what? No one goes along easily in this world anyway. We just need to try our best to make the best of it....(I guess...ahaha)

For all people who struggle to hold things together, physically, mentally, emotionally or whateverly (aha) ... Yes! That's it! Go for it!

PS: Okay, my mind is talking a lot, as per usual... (imagine a lot of smileys here)

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