Tuesday, June 16, 2015

a mysterious answer

Wah! I have missed a lot of chances to update my blog and today I got back to it! It makes me feel so good. How;s everyone doing?

I just want to start with a question on this entry. Have you ever asked a question to yourself and suddenly someone or something out there has shouted out the answer for you without you needing to say it out at all?

A few days ago. I went to a park for a short jog - just to keep fit :) I did not bring my phone, wallet or things that would disturb my running exce
pt my car keys. While I was running, suddenly I desperately needed to know the time. I have a meeting with a friend right after this and I did not want to be late. So, the thought of wanting to know the time was number one in my head all this while.

After a few more steps ahead, suddenly I saw three girls with bicycles talking to each other. I think they were talking about the bicycles that they rented. While the other two girls started to ride their bicycle again, the final girl then shouted, "We have 15 minutes more to go, now is 4:45 p.m!"

Wow! There you go! The girl just answered my question! It was so weird that it happened and solved my problem without me asking the question to anyone. Thanks a lot girls. Somehow, it just make me feel that life always is magical and mysterious. Today you think that there is no way out of something, then tomorrow you are up on a roller coaster living your life to the fullest! aha

Has that kind of situation happened to you before? Share it here please!

PS: trying to be fit now!

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