Monday, September 01, 2014

Life through my eyes 2: 30th August 2014!

Life through my eyes 2: from Kampung Kenang to Kasoa was officially launched last Saturday (30 August 2014). it was an amazing event and I was so happy to share the moment with family and friends.

I was very nervous before the event started but then it went very well. I am really happy that MPH organised the event and put so much trust and belief in my second book. As someone that suddenly jumped into writing books, I think this is really huge achievements for me. Thanks everyone for keep supporting me and believing in my work! You guys are totally amazing! No doubts...except me doubting myself! ahaha (usual me)

I was so happy that Tan Sri Abdul Halim agreed to come, join and officiate the book. He gave such an inspiring speech and he is actually inspiring himself. He was so happy to know that I am from Kedah as he is also! I guess that is one of the reasons why he was there.

Elizabeth Lopez, who is now the Head of Transformation Management in FrogAsia - where I am working now was also there, celebrating the day. She gave a speech as well and I am so glad that she agreed to be there. The story of how she discovered this blog and me are just amazing and there is no thank you words will be enough to say to her. The other amazing thing that she did was to be able to read out Dr. Kit's message for me! Such a surprise! How did she think about doing that? Awesome ever!

I am so happy that my family was there. My mom was there. My dad was there. My siblings were there as well.  They are just rockstars!

Then of course all of my friends and supporters of Life through my eyes! Some of my friends drove from Johor Bharu, Terengganu and many more places. My friends from secondary school, from IPG, from APICTA and more! They are superb! Even my colleagues in my new work place are there to support! 

Thanks everyone. The responses that I received from Life through my eyes 2 are overwhelming. It had been in the MPH best sellers list for at least 2 times now! Really Magic! 

ps: should there be Life through my eyes 3??? who knows...btw, next time more people should come and say Hi to worries, I only bite when there is a reason...haha OK! ;)

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