Thursday, September 04, 2014

Frog with Students in Penang

I was supposed to write this a while ago when the event finished. But I am not sure why these days updating this blog is kinda a bit difficult for me. I guess there are some things I am a bit shy to update...ahaha...if only that excuse made sense.

So a few weeks ago, my team mates and I went to an event in Penang. It was a great event specially created for students in secondary schools and primary schools. FrogVLE3S. The event was held for 3 days and the students were selected from schools all over Malaysia. They will become ambassadors for Frog or as well we call them as Frog Champions! Yay!

My main intention in writing this entry is to introduce the 6 sessions that we created specifically for the students, led by Racheal. She deserves a high 5 because the programme was really amazing and really impacted on the students. The six sessions are:

1. Classroom of the future
2. Hour of code
3. Frog VLE - Dashboard designer
4. Skill up!
5. Digital storytelling
6. Google Apps for education

I'm only mentioning the six sessions briefly  now. I will write an entry for each session in the near future. Wait up for the inside scoop! ahaha...

This is only my own reflection through my eyes for each session. The reality of what happened might be different but for me, through my eyes, they were all amazing sessions and I wish I were involved as one of students! Yeahhh

PS: Should spend more time for holidays in Penang!

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