Friday, August 22, 2014


Sometimes people keep asking me why I chose to change my career from a very safe and secure job to the private sector. The question keeps going on and on every time I meet with new people who happen to know about me...

Sometimes i don't know what to say. It is hard to explain. people just don't understand sometimes...I guess...

But the thing that I'm very sure about is that I want to experience something new in my life. Put myself in a new place and environment and see what happens...

things are not going to be easy but then easy is only a starting point. you play video games right? You always want to go to the difficult level and it might be like this for me as well! ;)

Carpe Diem!!!

PS: There is an article about my second book and the journey of Life through my eyes in the Malay Mail! Read it here

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