Friday, June 13, 2014

small to BIG

It is always good to dream big and be successful. Just need to bear in mind that big things always start with small things...

The tallest building in the earth started with a small brick, RM1 000000 started with 10cents and big comfy pillow started with a little small feather.

It is really fine to achieve something small first in order to get something bigger. I know that sometimes on the way to being big, the journey is not going to be that easy. People laugh at small things...people make fun of it...people do not even notice! You know what? that is totally fine.

The most important thing to learn is to experience the feeling through the tough journey. So that in the future when we become big, or not or whatever happens...we do not have to become like the people who laugh, make fun and do not notice the small thing. We become better than that and appreciate people around us :)

PS: always enjoy playing jigsaw puzzles

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