Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Google Apps for Education

Wow! I had such a good time and learnt so many things in these two days training (2nd&3rd June). It was an amazing experience to join in and be part of the training.

When I started to work in FrogAsia, Chromebook was very new to me. I learnt to explore Chromebook, Google drive, Google Apps and so on, on my own and from my colleagues. So these 2 days training was focusing on using that in teaching and learning in the classroom. It was like getting formal training of using Chromebook and Google apps all over again but in a fun way!

It is very important for educators and teachers now to equip themselves with 21st century teaching and learning skills. Like I said in my previous entry, teaching and learning and technology are not two separate things anymore. We need to incorporate these elements in school as a learning experience for children.

I love to reflect about the high demand of collaboration and communication skills needed in the future. In fact, nowadays, these skills are very important for the children to learn and experience for their future endeavours. The ability to work together in a single file in Google Docs is one of the best examples that we as educators and teachers can start to use. Working in Frog now, I am getting used to working using these collaboration tools with my colleagues, to prepare presentations or proposal papers! Even sometimes collaborate with partners from oversea! Amazing experience!

I felt so lucky to be surrounded by the positive energy that comes from all the participants in the training. You know these people are magnificient when they get involved in all the activities without hesitationand are full of commitment. I am so happyto see that we have these amazing teachers in schools and I believe that they will make changes to many students that they touch! :D

Watch talking thumbs here:

PS: Wendy Gorton and Emily Roth are superb trainers! 

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