Monday, March 17, 2014

#rewind1: The primary school experience - Year 1

When I was just a little boy, I still remember the first day I went to school. Yes, my year 1 experience in Sekolah Kebangsaan Mergong. The school is situated about 1.5 km from my home. I went to the school with my father on his motorbike.

I remember my mom had prepared me a nice shirt but it was not school uniform. I think if I am not mistaken, it was white with brown collar shirt. Actually, it was not a formal schooling day yet. The formal day would be next day. That day, all year 1 pupils just needed to go to school for an introduction. I remember my mom combed my hair, I smiled at her with my not full teeth (if i am not mistaken again). As blur as I was at that time, I was still excited because the way mom and dad told me about school sounded really exciting. My sis, two brothers were all in school and to see them in their school uniform always excited me. Books excited me. New school shoes excited me!

Pupils in SK Kampung Kenang (2011)
On the bike with my father, we arrived at the school. I held my father's hand. The hand that mean so much for our family. The hand that work so hard to make sure that we all live happily. The hand that really impact my life. I saw many kids like me in the school with their parents. Some of them looks like they know each other, laughing and playing. Some of them crying and some of them looks very gloomy. I just stared. I do not really remember exactly what I felt and thought at that time. But I am almost sure I felt very nervous and scared.

I had been in kindergarten for a year before but this was different. School was different. Now I realise that I was a bit odd compared to the others. I was the only kid not wearing school uniform. Egh...even though I was just a kid, I know my mind was already thinking too much! wahaha... I guess it was typical me...

I found my classroom. My dad found it to be exact. The name list was pasted on the classroom's door. My class called "Kuning" or Yellow Class. I went inside, found an empty chair and took a seat. My dad left me at my chair and went outside and observed me from outside....

The class teacher started to take the class by introducing herself and then, one by one, wanted to know us... I tried to remember other people's names but I guess I was just nervous to take my trun and felt nervous that the teacher would get angry with me as I was not wearing school uniform... It kept bothering me even my dad kept telling me it was OK! My mom told me it was OK! be continued...

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